No discounts for multiple Emergency room visits

Youngest "J"

Youngest "J"

I keep telling my almost 9-year old that there are no discounts for multiple visits to the emergency room.  But he keeps testing that theory.  This is his latest visit.

Have you ever heard the phrase “ALL BOY”?  That’s my youngest “J”.  If he is going to play, he is going to give 110%.  He was at summer camp on a field trip to a roller skating place.  And yes, I got that dreaded call “We need you to come pick up “J”, he fell and hurt his foot”.  Hurt his foot was an understatement when it is three times its normal size.

Pretty Colors

See my oldest “J” in the background.  Notice he doesn’t seem to0 concerned.  This is not our first rodeo.  He knows this is not the first broken bone for this brother and probably not his last.

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