Was anyone wondering about the Taco?

We all agreed as a family to get a dog.  I research and research what type of dog.  (I should have put research on my list as things I like to do.)  My oldest “J” is twelve and became allergic to cats at the age of ten.  How do you suddenly become allergic to cats at ten, when you’ve been around them several times a year since birth (need to do research on this).  But taking that into consideration, I was concerned that he would “suddenly” become allergic to our family dog.  I decided to go with one of the “allergy-friendly” dogs.  Since I wanted a golden retriever or a lab for my family, I started there with the mixed breads.  I searched every shelter and rescue list, but of course no one could guarantee that it was a mix that would be “allergy-friendly”.  So I started researching (love it) area breeders.  We wanted a medium sized dog, little to no shedding and family friendly.  Long story short we decided on a goldendoodle.


He only missed one mark.  He didn’t stay “medium” sized.  He is kind of extra large size.   Yes he is a golden doodle and yes he is black.  Think about what color the dad (std poodle) was.

Oldest "J" and Taco

Sorry, I got side tracked.  Taco!  How did we come up with the name, Taco.  Ever tried to name a pet when all three family members (DH didn’t want a vote) have to agree.  After 3 days of throwing out names, we were driving around town.  I was just naming anything to try to get an agreement.  We turned the corner and I yelled “Taco”, because there was a Taco Bell across the street.  Both boys yelled “yes”.  So that was how he became “Taco”.  I’ve decided that if we ever get another dog that I would name them Mac and King.  Get it?

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5 Responses to Was anyone wondering about the Taco?

  1. puppiesnews says:

    I get it 🙂 Great story! And it’s a really cute name for a puppy – I wish you all many fun filled years together!

    Puppies Seeking Homes
    Puppies Seeking Homes Blog

  2. Nadine says:

    I can identify with your considerations in the selection process–low allergy potential, size, etc. We had similar thoughts and got a Shih-poo (half Shih Tzu and half Poodle). She has (so far) stayed small (just over eight lbs at 6 months), and I’m optimistic that she will stay under 15 lbs when full-grown. It’s a good thing we think about those kinds of things *before* we go looking for a dog. At least for me, it was love at first sight and if I hadn’t done my homework ahead of time, I’m not sure how much real “thinking” I would have done once I met her.

    Thanks for sharing your story. By the way, Cassie got her name by default–it was one of the first names our son suggested for her, and after a week of trying different ones, we all three agreed that Cassie fit her well and was likely the best we would come up with. Her whole name is Cassandra Kay, but she only hears that when she’s being really, really naughty. We also call her “Cass” sometimes.

  3. Lea says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Cassie is a great name. And I love the doodles!

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