My favorite book website

Prior to finding said website I was always struggling on how to keep track of all the books that I have read.  I also wanted to know which book I should read next in a series.  My brain can’t handle reading a series out of sequence.  I tried keeping a spreadsheet of books with series listed and highlighted which ones I had already read.  I would re-print this list each time I went to the library, not efficient.  I put the list on google docs and tried to manage it there.  The problem is the list is only as good as the person creating it, me.  After doing some basic research on book websites, I found the one for me.  It is called FictionDB.  I have told everyone I know that has an intrest in reading about this website.  My step-dad who works at a library in Georgia was researching books using Amazon for his patrons before I told him about this site.  Now he tells everyone about this site.  With FictionDB, I have the ability to keep track of what I have read, when I read it and what format was it in when I read it (ebook, paperback, audio, etc).  It tells me every book that that author wrote, it even lets me look at the series(s) for that author.  I love this feature, remember I like to read in order.  Which come to think of it, I thought everyone else did to.  But there are expections to every rule.  My best friend is part of that exception list, but I still love her anyway. Enjoy!

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