Baseball Bonus

Not only are we a house divide in baseball, but also in music.  My husband is 100% country music fan.  I’m 80s and current pop.  The boys, well they are a mixture of the two.  I must admit I listen to country music sometimes (Montgomery Gentry, Trace Atkins, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean just to name a few).  We got a pleasant surprise a few weeks before the Braves vs Cardinals game in Atlanta.  I was checking the Braves’s website for accessibility (remember broken ankle boy?).  At the time I wasn’t sure whether he would be out of his cast in time for the concert (lucky for us he was out).  While I was searching their website, I discovered that they were having a concert after the baseball game.  Montgomery Gentry!  WOW! Bonus!

What a great concert!

Our boy’s first concert.

Montgomery Gentry were wonderful

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One Response to Baseball Bonus

  1. Faye Cooper says:

    Do you have any baseball svg’s to share?

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