Christmas holly svg

Yes, more of that yellow paper

<cricut is acting up, tearing my paper and not cutting all the way through>

Link to free download

Update:  I need a new blade for my cricut.  So here a picture of what is supposed to look like.

Update-Update:  The berries didn’t cut very well when they are small.  So I took out the crescents.   

Also it would be nice if they were broke apart so you can cut the leaves green and the berries another color.

Link to the leaves

Link to the berries

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3 Responses to Christmas holly svg

  1. deesdesigns says:

    Thanks so much!
    I agree the Cricut can be frustrating when it doesn’t cut properly – most of my problems come from my mats not being sticky enough and I wind up cutting them again!

  2. Maz Penny says:

    Thanks this is exactly what I have been looking for! I have so many uses for this!! Thanks for sharing!!! I know I’ll be back~ definetly a fan!!

  3. Janis Spear says:

    Thanks so much, that is wonderful of you to share.

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