I know it happens to everyone one time in their life.  I just wasn’t ready for it to happen to me 😦

I was surfing Monday night after making my last post to Tu Js.  I was looking for some gift card holders, like purses and others.  Call me a MOM, but I don’t do things single threaded.  I always have multiple things going at once.  I’m I right, all the Mom’s out there.  Anyway, I was surfing.  My idea of surfing is to Google my prize and open many windows through the tabs options, then I go through them all at once.  Well as I’m opening tabs in Google, my anti-virus software pops up a little window in the corner saying it found a virus.  I thought no big deal, good job anti-virus software.  So I told it go clean and do good stuff.  It came back seconds later all green and proud of its self and told me it had done as expected and rid me of that nasty monster.  Seconds later my computer rebooted.  I’m thinking this is not good.  I didn’t give it permission to do that.  The next thing I know I was staring at a blinking cursor.  Not even a command prompt mind you, just a blinking cursor.  I tried rebooting several times, I’m in denial at this point.  Now I have worked with computers since 1985, so I know a few tricks.  The first thing I did was go drag my DH into my misery.  Like my first trick?  I’m way too attached to the problem at this point, you know all my svgs are on that computer.  I can’t do anything to lose them, like I haven’t already, but I’m not ready to face that yet.  I know I’m rambling, but I’m so sad to break my streak of posting everyday…I hope you understand.  Once I get my computer back to life (reinstalling everything, finding all my keys, etc), I’ll start posting again.  While I’m at it, is it worth going to SCAL 2?  I might have to purchase it again, I can’t seem to find my key.


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2 Responses to Sorry

  1. Maria Tejeda-Ruiz says:

    I see newer posts so it looks like you’re back at it. I just wanted to comment on the SCAL, my house was broken into and they stole my computer with all my key’s and everything so I had to start from scratch all over again, but I’ll tell you because I registered my software with SCAL, they were able to email me the key to my purchased software. So I at least didn’t have to purchase it again. Glad to know you’re back to posting, I love your designs. Thank you!


    • Lea says:

      Thanks for sharing your story. That is so horrible that someone broke into your house. Compared to that, my virus is just a little blip in space. Hope you have recovered both financially and emotionally.


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