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It seems several (too many) people have had trouble with 4shared letting them download my svgs.  I’m going to start looking for a new location to store my files.  I would gladly take any suggestions (good or bad) of other locations people have used.


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5 Responses to storage location

  1. Vickie Seal says:

    I’ve not been able to download any of your svg’s since I’ve been subscribing to your site. I hope you can get things straightened out because I really like your svg files. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • Lea says:

      Sorry, but I can’t see to find any other options that give me free storage as well as statics. Please let me know which files you would like and I’ll be happy email them to you.


  2. Anneke Keizerwaard says:

    I have no trouble downloading the SVG file.
    There are a number of other site, which make use of Windows Live.


  3. Stacie G says:

    Penny Duncan, who offers HUNDREDS of free files uses SkyDrive, through Windows Live and I’ve never had trouble downloading her files.
    I use It’s also free! I only have a few files listed right now but you can see them thru my blog: and in the menu on the right, click SVG Files. I keep them on a separate page because I post “something” 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes more… and it makes it a little easier to find them if they have their own page, I think… and the Slide Viewer that I use is also FREE… it’s a scrolling photo album of all my files… I think they even have a widget for WordPress, if you’re interested!

    I’m looking for a contact email for you so that I can send the “impossible box” file to you that I “edited”…

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