Kentucky state shape svg

Jo requested Kentucky.  I must admit that I loved living in Kentucky.  I went to college in a little city called Murray.  I learned to bleed blue blood while at school.  Go WILDCATS!  I love to watch Kentucky basketball.

Click here to download

***UPDATE / QUESTION***  Ok this is weird.  Can anyone else see the picture  of Kentucky in the post?  I can see it on my phone when I look it up, but it is not showing up on my computer.

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5 Responses to Kentucky state shape svg

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  2. Jeanette says:

    No I cannot see the file from my computer, but I got the image from the Craft Crave site. Thank you for this and so many other great files.

  3. Kelly Baker says:

    no picture.

  4. No I don’t see the file image …

  5. I don’t see the file, but was able to download it. Thanks for sharing, loved out time in Kentucky!

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