cancer ribbon for Christmas

We draw names for the extended family to purchase presents for Christmas.  The youngest “J” got one of his girl cousins.  I ask this girl cousin what she wanted for Christmas.  She requested the box set of the Hunger Games.  But since it was coming from her little boy cousin, she requested that it be covered in pink bows.  I’m going to modify that request.  I’m going to cover it in pink ribbons, cancer ribbons.

I have been blessed that all my friends (way too many diagnosis this year) that have been diagnosed with cancer are on their way to a healthy recovery.

This ribbon happens to be peach in honor of a great co-worker who is defeating uterine cancer.

Click here to download

I’ve also included a listing of the months and colors of the cancer ribbons.

Cancer Awareness Colors and Months

Bladder Cancer = YellowBrain Cancer = Gray

Breast Cancer = Pink

Cervical Cancer (January) = Teal or Teal w/ white border

Childhood Cancer (September) = Gold

Colon Cancer (March) = Blue or Brown

Esophageal Cancer = Light Blue

Head and Neck Cancer = Burgundy

Kidney Cancer = Orange

Leukemia (September) = Orange

Liver Cancer = Green

Lung Cancer (November) = White or Clear

Lymphoma (September) = Light Green

Melanoma (May) = Black

Multiple Myeloma = Burgundy

Ovarian Cancer (September) = Teal

Pancreatic Cancer (November) = Purple

Prostate Cancer (September) = Light Blue

Sarcoma/Bone Cancer (June) = Yellow

Stomach Cancer = Periwinkle

Testicular Cancer = Purple

Thyroid Cancer (January) = Blue/Pink/Teal (tricolored)

Uterine Cancer = Peach

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2 Responses to cancer ribbon for Christmas

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  2. Alicia B says:

    Thank You SO much for this! My mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier this year and we are so thankful, that she too, is on the road to a full recovery and presently cancer free!!! *Hugs* and Merry Christmas!

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